The first product developed utilizing our core technology is the Blackbird™, a compact 75 pound system that generates pure sine AC power across a wide range of shaft speeds.  The system is available in 5kW-120V and 7kW-120/240V models.  The Blackbird™ uses the power of a vehicle’s engine to generate auxiliary power incidental to normal operation where speed may vary widely.  Raven invested considerable engineering effort in proprietary design and manufacturing processes that resulted in robust performance and reasonable manufacturing costs.  The system performs over a wide temperature range and has proven both capable and durable in the field.  For a more complete discussion of the system’s capabilities, please refer to the “Spec sheet” and the “FAQ” elsewhere on this site.  A considerable additional amount of engineering was devoted to developing complete well designed mounting kits for a broad assortment of vehicles.  Both belt driven and gear drive PTO applications were developed.  The system received a warm reception from the emergency services and demonstrated appeal in other mobile and field applications where off-grid power is used to run power tools and provide lighting in a wide variety of situations.

From 2003 – 2012 the Blackbird was provided to the fire service for emergency scene power. While Raven no longer offers this product for fire service application, Raven is proud to continue supporting the more than 400 systems in the field. The technology is available for specialty applications.

Raven’s core resonant circuit technology is patented in Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy, Korea and Singapore.