Alternative Energy

Raven’s engineers recently filed for patent protection for special generator configurations that extend the benefits of its patented speed independent generating technology to large three phase generating systems suitable for use in the growing alternative energy field.  At present, the power produced by these variable speed sources requires manipulation of the generated energy to produce constant AC voltage and frequency output, more often than not at a substantial efficiency penalty.

Read a white paper that describes the benefits and applications of this technology in detail.

Raven’s technology, which allows generators to produce 60 Hz Ac regardless of shaft speed, has particular relevance in several important areas:

  •  Wind power is the fastest growing sector of the world power supply.  It is projected to provide 1.5% of the world’s electricity needs by 2020 as reported by the World Energy Council – an enormous market.  Raven’s patented speed independent technology offers significant advantages over current approaches including:
    • Buffers output from speed fluctuations- eliminates surge and flicker
    • Reduces system stresses due to wind pulsing
    • Eliminates inverters – high system efficiency
    • Eliminates the need for grid excitation power and VAR support
    • Reduces gearing
    • Optimizes prime mover efficiency
    • Reduces electronic losses
  •   In many co-generation projects users generate power from industrial waste heat.  “Downstream” heat flow varies as control efforts focus on the primary process.  Raven’s speed independent power technology can enhance these systems’ ability to efficiently utilize this variable energy flow.